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Mariam Syafini Mohd Saidi, prefer to be call finie :) sixteen for this year, Alhamdullilah. i'm growing up :) SPM for next year , insyaAllah will try my best. rarely update blog ouhh now. do follow me, peeps :D

oh please ! :)

ipod touch ? 8A ! insyaAllah, amin amin :)
6 hari lgi wei, keep doa je skrang ! 
YA ALLAH, makbulkanlah doa kami !
btw, actually this post nak cakap . . .
cane ni ? cane ni ? *ikut suara awak ;D
blog buruk nk mampos !
so, will edit balik soon lah ye,
right now, busy with school thingy lah !
till then, byebye :)

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