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Mariam Syafini Mohd Saidi, prefer to be call finie :) sixteen for this year, Alhamdullilah. i'm growing up :) SPM for next year , insyaAllah will try my best. rarely update blog ouhh now. do follow me, peeps :D

i'm sorry that i love you :)

anje, busyuk2 ! i love when you call me like that. haha gedik enn? it's already one month and 5 days. just wanna say i ♥ you and i meant it. serehhh ! ;D oytt oytt kau, rindu dahh. love our sweet moments together last week of 2011 school. dear, sumpah happy dgan kau. thankyou for everything. and insyaAllah you will be mine and i will be yours forever. AMIN :) nnti nyanyi byk2 lgi kat aku ehh? lastly, MARIAM SYAFINI ♥ MUHAMMAD IQBAL ! jge gelang tu elok2 :))

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