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Mariam Syafini Mohd Saidi, prefer to be call finie :) sixteen for this year, Alhamdullilah. i'm growing up :) SPM for next year , insyaAllah will try my best. rarely update blog ouhh now. do follow me, peeps :D

selamat pengantin baru ♥

yay dormate ! at last, she got the right person to be with her ! dear , NAYLEE FARZANA always remember this date 18112011 . a lovely date for you and MOHAMAD HANNAN YUSOF ! stay longer together eh korang? naylee, sumpah aku happy utk kau ! at last, kau dh dapat replace that boy rite ? hannan, utk ke beribu kali aku cakap, heee. take care minah ni eh? jgn sakitkan hati dia tau !
MUSYTARI <3 expired captain 2011 with future captain 2013. AMIN !
geheeeee. i love this picture la naylee <3

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